3 juicy little secrets about consumer loans that you wish you had known before

Whether for an emergency, take advantage of a very good promotion, or situations that arose when we did not have the necessary money.

At some point in our life, we have been forced to borrow money

money loan

So will it be bad to do it? Something that you should be clear about is that asking for a loan is not bad, as there are many things that are difficult to obtain by paying in cash, the important thing is that you understand what it means and be willing to make payments.

Next, we leave you three points that you should consider before requesting your first loan or if you decide to apply for another.

1. Requesting the correct amount makes the difference between obtaining the credit or having it rejected 

money loan

If you ask for more than you need or can pay, the bank will see that you are not in a position to assume that debt and the logical answer will be a “no”. Be honest with your budget and see how much you can really cancel monthly without risking. Taking that into account, request the amount that will help you achieve your goal: go on a trip, pay for a course, buy a new laptop, etc.

2. No insurance that accompanies the credit is mandatory 

2. No insurance that accompanies the credit is mandatory 

Do not be fooled or pressured. The bank or financial institution can offer you a thousand and one additional insurance or products, but none will be mandatory to grant you the credit, so do not accept any that does not suit you. If you think the product would be good, make sure you can afford it and make it a good deal.

3. Each credit brings benefits, know them to know how to take advantage of them 

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Some entities may offer you wild fees, as well as other benefits that are interesting and important to know. Check with the advisors what additional benefit you get by applying for the credit, you could discover more information than you think.

Do not forget that each financial institution has different conditions: a lower or higher interest rate, longer or shorter terms, among others. Therefore, it is necessary that, at a minimum, you have three alternatives, in order to make an informed choice. Where can you get the alternatives? In the comparison of consumer credits of Chingachgook.com.cl.

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