Real Estate Credit Comparison.

All you need to know about home loans

All you need to know about home loans

The cost of housing is so important that you can not buy a house without credit over several years, with loans up to 30 years. How to buy a house on credit without crashing?

 Mortgage – What to know before buying

  1. Compare real estate loans
  2. Housing: calculating its real estate purchasing capacity
  3. How to become a homeowner if you have low incomes?
  4. Buy an apartment on credit, make a loan for a house
  5. Buy a bigger house

Our files on mortgage

Our files on mortgage

When financing your new home, make the right choice!

  • How to use a life insurance with a mortgage
  • Bank error in your favor: Ananacrédit, expertise credit
  • Unemployed real estate loan or RSA: PAS, social housing loan
  • Guarantees, guarantor, guarantor for credit: how to do?
  • Buying real estate in tontine: how to do?
  • Real estate loan to buy in Portugal
  • Housing and gay couple: discrimination in renting or credit
  • Loan agreement: mortgage loan assistance
  • Credit: deadline for an agreement or a loan refusal
  • How to sell your home by being able to buy it later?
  • Collective loan and co-ownership loan: financing works
  • Bridging loan: how to get credit before selling your house
  • How to buy a Parisian apartment as cheaply as possible on credit?
  • Pay in installments VS cash

MarKet – credit comparator – advocates the financial extension, advising and explaining all you need to know about money, savings or credit, so that everyone can make the right decisions when it comes to budget and savings.

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit. The responsibility of the MarKet authors can not be accepted in the event of a bad financial decision resulting from the information published online.




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